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Fun and Learning in Every Lesson!

We provide instruction in all styles of music, and we do believe that an in-depth knowledge of music theory and proper playing technique are extremely important elements of a music education. Students learn music theory (the parts of music and rules of making music), as well as master fundamentals such as major/minor scales and proper technique through finger exercises. These basics enable them to achieve a sense of mastery over the instrument and a better understanding of music in general.

While we believe that knowledge of theory and technique are an important part of the learning process, we also strive to keep each lesson fresh and interesting. As much as we believe our job is to provide a quality, in-depth education on any instrument, it is just as much our job to foster a joy and passion for making music. Keeping students engaged and excited to learn is high priority for us.

Music is an inherently social activity, made up of at least the musician and the listener. It is important that students be given the opportunity to be heard by family, friends and fellow students in a recital setting twice a year. Showing off their new and improved skills semi-annually is another great way to motivate students of all ages and keep them invested in a desire to learn.

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